Over Just2BFit


Just2Bfit wil optimale vitaliteit voor iedereen. Fit door gezond te leven, sportief bezig te zijn en zo de juiste balans te vinden. Met onze producten willen wij bijdragen aan een gezonde levensstijl voor optimale prestaties van lichaam en geest. Veel mensen gebruiken tegenwoordig voedingssupplementen om preventieve redenen, of om beter bestand te zijn tegen de druk van het alledaagse leven en dat juichen wij enorm toe. 

Unfortunately, many do so based on common wisdom, simple assumptions or unsubstantiated advice. As a result, many people take too many supplements, supplements they do not need or even supplements that are harmful to them. A positive development here is the rise of 'personalised nutrition'. The principle behind this is that health and nutritional intake are measured in innovative technological ways and then translated into appropriate dietary advice, in which supplements also play a role. Measuring = Knowing' is therefore our motto. Thanks to the development of our Online Immunity Test and Vitality Test, we can give customers personal advice on which of our products they can best use.

Our products are 100% natural and provide an optimal balance. They do not contain synthetic aromatic substances, colourants or flavourings and they are water soluble. If too much is ingested, it is naturally excreted. Just2BFit is originally a Swiss company and widely active in the European market. Our products have been in development for over 6 years with DSM as partner for innovation and product development. The collaboration with DSM Nutritional Products ensures a high quality product composition. The team of Just2Bfit stands behind orthomolecular science. Orthomolecular therapy is part of natural medicine and aims to improve the health of people using natural means.


De producten van Just2BFit worden gemaakt met ingrediënten van en in samenwerking met DSM. DSM is de toonaangevende, wereldwijde leverancier van vitamines, carotenoïden, nutritionele lipiden, nutraceutische ingrediënten en nutritionele pre-mixen voor de voedingssupplementen-, voedingsmiddelen- en farmaceutische industrie. 

DSM has its own definition of quality. It originates from the ambition to understand the needs of customers and runs from product development to production to after sales support. All its customers are supported by DSM throughout the product development process so that they can get to market quickly and safely.

Quali®-Blends products are products of the highest quality. Quali®-Blends was created in response to the ever-increasing need for the highest quality products with traceable ingredients. It includes DSM's unique range of premix solutions. The Quali®-Blends products meet the highest criteria in terms of quality, reliability, traceability, safety and sustainability.